Our Company

Success Dental Company provides dental products from laboratory use to clinical use. The company is based in Hong Kong where is known as the free trade city. Our factory is located in Dongguan. The company was found in the 1978 and has always been the top company among all the competitors. After several years, Success Dental Company has expanded to the different part of China and setting sales point throughout major cities.


Success Dental provides customers with the highest quality available on the market with a most competitive price. From clinic to laboratory materials, tools, and machines.


Under Mr. Henry Lam's leadership, staffs are always believed customers are in their best interest. Thus, Success Dental Co. not only advancing every day but also hunger for satisfaction from customers. These are the reasons why many local and foreign large dental companies and brand customers choose Success Dental Company.

Our Team

Every staff in our company are extraordinary in their professional field and ready to assist you at your request!


Amy Lam

Product Manager


Brian Ho

Marketing Manager